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Enjoy the views of rural Jamaica on the longest zipline in the Caribbean, one of 5 ziplines, varying in length from 250′ to the amazing 1,600′ Big Timba. We welcome you to Lethe Estates, a private farming community situated along the Great River. Every zipline canopy tour includes an exciting off-road ride in our 6-wheel drive Pinzgauers, military troop transport vehicles, and the Flavors of Jamaica eco tour.

Feel the sensation of flying with the birds as you pass over the tree canopy. Marvel at magnificent views of the Jamaica hills and farmland and the Great River below, while traveling at speeds of 40 mph.

Climb onto the jungle bridge, 250′ long, as you travel to the next zipline with our professional guides. Photographers are available for hire to capture your adventure. When your tour is over, you can take a cd home of professional shots of your zipline experience.  

Included in every zipline canopy tour you will experience the flavors of Jamaica. Our staff proudly offers samples of freshly picked coconut, pineapple and sugar cane, grown on site in our botanical gardens. Notice the banana trees at the start of your tour as you rumble past in the off-road troop transport trucks.

Guests have time to wander through our gardens that produce coffee, ginger and palms. Our guides will share their home-grown expertise in the critical roles these plants play in Jamaican lifestyle, environment, little known natural remedies and health promoting effects. As well as being a tasty beverage, coconut water has numerous health benefits. A standard cup contains approximately 400 mg of potassium, about seven times the amount found in cranberry juice.

Don’t miss the meat patties, ackee and curried goat while in Jamaica, and definitely drink up and taste some “jelly” when offered fresh coconut.

The adventure begins with an off-road Safari ride winding up the mountain to reach the zipline canopy tour briefing area. This abbreviated tour is included with your zipline canopy tour. Extended Safari tours can also be booked separately. Book a 12 PM off-road Safari adventure online or by calling our Jamaica office. Other times may be available. We will do our best to accommodate your party.

Buckle up and hold on, these 6-wheel drive Pinzgauers go up and over anything. It’s a bumpy ride, full of surprises and slow off-road thrills, narrated by our by most colorful Jamaican characters.


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