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Alpine Adventures opened the first, highest, longest and fastest Zipline Canopy Tour in New England in 2006 and continues to lead the way in the outdoor adventure industry. Located in the beautiful White Mountains of NH near Loon Mountain, the original Zipline “Tree-top Canopy tour” was an instant hit. The follow up “Sky Rider” Zipline tour opened in 2008 and raised the bar for Zipline Canopy Tours…with side by side racing zips and longer, higher lines than any other tour. For the ultimate zipping adventure, the “Super SkyRider” tour is even higher and faster, and beckons to those who have tried them all.


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Congratulations to the Class of 2012! As our little graduation gift – we would like to offer all graduating High School seniors 1/2 off our Treetop Canopy Tour on Tuesdays in July!Just call 603.745.9911 to make your reservation and mention this offer.*1/2 price offer only good on our Treetop Canopy Tour on Tuesdays during month of July 2012

Zipline Tours at Alpine Adventures:

Alpine Zipline SkyriderBegin your descent from 50′ up in a pine tree insideTreewalk Village, with spectacular views of the western Whites.

Ride the dual ziplines, racing your friends, to Area 51, Hemlock Walk and the Montego Bay Express. SkyRider includes 5 ziplines and 5 suspended bridges, ranging from 800′ to 1600′ long and 200′ above the ground. Top off your adventure with “White Knuckle Pine,” an 80′ drop and zip speeds of up to 50 mph.

Alpine Zipline Tree TopperThis is a true “treetop” canopy tour and the first in New England. You’ll zip on 6 separate ziplines ranging from 150 – 1,000 feet long and traverse 3 suspension bridges, including a 60′ high, 75′ long burma bridge spanning “Barron Gorge” and the new suspended Log Bridge.

The zips and obstacles get progressively faster and longer, ending with the famous Zip Seven, a 40 mph optional free-fall.

Alpine Zipline Super SkyriderWith longer, higher, faster and more lines than any other tour…the New SUPER SkyRider was created for those that wanted even more challenge, speed, thrills and the amazing views that all our award winning zipline courses are known for.

Along with the new Ziplines and extended Off-Road Tour, you’ll also get more suspension bridges, higher platforms, climbing elements and two “Zaplines” (it’s a little twist on the traditional zipline that takes a bit more “work” from the rider). And, a final zip that is…well, let’s just say it’s got some extra “zip” to it!…yep, faster than even the famous final zips on our Treetop & SkyRider tours.

If you’ve been with us before and are ready for the next step in the journey…the SUPER SkyRider is it! This tour takes approx 3.5 hours to complete and is offered on a limited schedule. Call or check for availability online.

Thrillsville Adventure CourseThrillsville is a self guided course and participants will be shown how to “clip” and “un-clip” the smart belay system in a short training session. After that, they will be unguided on most of the course.

Thrillsville is a great addition to your Zipline or Off-Road Safari tour, or if you’re looking for a quick & challenging adrenaline boost. The Aerial Park introduces you to the excitement of ziplines and challenge courses, before you try the super sized versions, the Treetop Canopy Tour, SkyRider and SUPER SkyRider. Some of Thrillsville’s challenges can be booked separately. Participants must be at least 12 years old to participate in level 3 (the highest section) of the course.

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